That's all the time you have to capture your customer's attention when they land
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Line De Vos
Freelancer with a passion for digital projects:

Webdesign & - development, digital marketing, learning & development,
change management & digital transformation, projectmanagement, etc.



To connect with your audience, convert customers, and serve at the highest level, your online presence must be more than a pretty face.

That's why I blend creativity and strategy to create head-turning digital homes that 
help you grow your business faster. Without working harder.


 Digital Skillset

I have a wide range of skills in my digital marketing toolbox, and I can diagnose your businesses marketing needs and prepare a full strategy that will help you generate leads and sales. 



Digital is all I do.

By the time you’ve reached this, I’m sure you’ve read so many “about me” profiles that start with “Hi! I’m so and so and I’m a [insert job title here].” I spent so much time thinking about how I could be different but then again, isn’t that why you’re here? To find out about what I do? Well, here’s the short version:

I’ve been working in digital since 2010. I’ve had many job titles like Projectmanager, Web Designer, Digital Strategist, Consultant, Online Marketeer, etc... Basically, I make what you see online, and make it work for you and your company.

So hi! I’m Line, a digital specialist for creatives, coaches, start-ups & B2B. A freelance professional with a passion for everything online.

I design & develop engaging content and efficient digital solutions for passionate people.

I partner with a crack team of collaborators (brand designers, copywriters, developers, and more) to craft exquisite end-to-end experiences that attract more subscribers, clients, and raving fans to your business.

All while making you unforgettable.


The digital landscape is my playground.

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Sorelle Amore 

coming soon


 Noémie Wolfs

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Are you ready?

To build an irresistible & profitable online presence?